International Chemical Regulation REACH Workshop, Asia 2012 Hangzhou, China, 2012

As one of the most prestigious workshops in the chemical & petrochemical industry, the 4th International Chemical Regulation REACH Workshop will be held on November 29-30, 2012 in Hangzhou, China. This annual REACH Workshop has emerged over the last 3 years as a uniquely valuable chemical industry meeting. The workshop brings together the most senior experts from government, worldwide chemical industrial organizations and global chemical companies.

The workshop focuses on current international chemical regulatory trends and how companies can benefit from effective compliance strategies. With topics ranging from differing regulatory authority approaches to differing requirements for manufacturers and importers, this conference will offer the latest global regulatory information and enforcement trends. Senior chemical testing experts will elaborate on scientific evaluation of substance data requirements to facilitate effective reduction of compliance costs. A proposal for optimum design of supply chain compliance will facilitate decision-making on product risk control and cross-border business interactions.
Next year, 2013, is an important year for all actors involved in EU chemical trading. How can you prepare appropriately for the challenges? How can you reduce TBT risk and ensure regional compliance? How can you seize the initiative and achieve success in the ever-changing international market?

The 4th International Chemical Regulation REACH Workshop will provide these answers!


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